Glitch Posters

This is a personal project that explores the concept of lack of control and unpredictability as a sequence of posters.

Influenced by the writings of John Cage and Bruce Mau, I learned how to databend images to randomly manipulate images of personal landscapes. I then reconfigured the results to create images that appear to be arbitrarily arranged, but in most cases are not. This process allowed me to explore line and space in an unbiased way, while surfacing intersections between art, chance and technology.

Databending / converting images to sound

Fascinated by line drawings generated by machines, I wanted to experiment with new ways of drawing to explore visual intersections between control and unpredictability.

The process began in Audacity, an audio editing software, which I used to databend images to create visual glitches using effects traditionally applied to sound. I then used the raw files of the databent images as my assets for the posters.

Audio effects

Change Pitch
Change Tempo
Change Speed
Fade In
Fade Out
Noise Reduction
Adjust Fade
Notch Filter

Databent images on Preview vs. raw files

First variations

Final work

Animated version